Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making diamonds in the microwave

Making diamonds in the microwave / Joe Champion Recipe [Do not do this experiment without competent adult supervision!]:
Using a pyrex microwave cooking dish with lid, place two charcoal brickets covered with 4 ounces of peanut butter inside. Microwave on high for 60 minutes at 10 minute intercals.
When cool enough to handle, take the dish outdoors and place on top of an unlit barbque grill. Remove the lid form the dish and saturate the charcoal and residue with charcoal lighter fluid. Light the charcoal (Note: At this time the diamonds are made, this procedure is reducing the excess carbon to ash.)
At this time you should have a dish full of a gray/black soot. Carefully scrape this soot into a dark colored dish and gently wash. The ash will wash away leaving the diamonds you've produced.
If you decide to experiment with recipes other than the one above, do so with competent adult supervision and in extremely well ventilated areas or outdoors. Joe Champion has released the recipe above due to its safety and lack of possible toxicity in your kitchen